Madonna V2/ V2.2 & Jibb Compatibility Information

When we talk about the fact that our bikes are designed for durability, we do not only mean their high quality of workmanship and robust construction, but also the fact that we rely - wherever possible - on common standards instead of proprietary in-house solutions. This ensures that all spare parts will still be available for many years to come and that you always have the widest possible selection of suitable components. Unfortunately we can't test all possible combinations, so we can only guarantee 100% compatibility with the components we offer - but in general there shouldn't be any problems with the vast majority of attachments.

The following incompatibilities are known:
  • With 28.99 / 30 mm axles at the bottom bracket (with a correspondingly larger bottom bracket) it can get very tight with the standard brake line routing. Alternative routings are no problem, but not quite so tidy.
  • Bashguards and chainguides that extend to the back a lot, can collide with the chainstays. 

Shock compatibility:

Please choose the model to get further compatibility information.