Yalla! Chainstay Length Adjustments

Out back we use the same system to adjust the chainstay length as our Madonna and Jibb, meaning that all parts except the axle are the same between the bikes.

Each Yalla!, regardless of frame size, comes with the axle in the middle position meaning that each rider has the option to go shorter or longer. But we also maintain a balance to the front end length of the bike as the sizes grow by making that middle position longer on each size.

That means the mid setting on M size is 445mm, L size is 450mm, and XL is 455mm. This then makes the ranges for each size be:

  • M - Short 440mm / Mid 445mm / Long 450mm
  • L - Short 445mm / Mid 450mm / Long 455mm
  • XL - Short 450mm / Mid 455mm / Long 460mm

Much the same as our reach adjustment at the front of the bike, changing the chainstay length has the same effect on the balance of stability and agility.

A shorter chainstay will make the bike easier to move around, especially in movements such as manuals and bunny hops. And it will make for a livelier ride. But it will do all this at the expense of all-out stability and front end load.

A longer chainstay will make the bike more stable, especially in rough terrain where the ground is trying to upset the bike, and it will put more load on the front wheel, handy in loose conditions where front end grip is important for riding hard and confident. But it will do all this at the expense of agility. You will need to put a bit more energy into the bike to move it around.