Yalla! Frame Sizing

The Yalla! comes in three sizes, M, L and XL, that should cover riders from around 167 cm up to the dizzying heights of 2 m.

Sizing will inevitably have a degree of personal preference in there, but if you already ride, for example, an L-size Madonna or Jibb, you’ll likely be the same size on the Yalla!.

We designed the fit of the Yalla! to be very similar to the Madonna. The two bikes share a similar intent in that both want to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. This is why the reach numbers are the same.

But bike fit is also very personal, and so the Yalla! comes with a great number of adjustments, like the reach adjustment, that allow you to tailor the fit of the bike so you get the best ride feel.

If you’re in between two sizes then it may be possible to size up or size down depending on how you want the bike to feel.

Sizing up is going to make the bike more stable and less bothered about what the ground is doing to try and shake the bike around. Perfect for those with more of a focus on flat out speed. But, sizing up will need you to be more of an active pilot in the ride.

Sizing down is going to make the bike more agile and react more to the inputs you give to it. It’s great if your riding style is more playful and you’re less concerned with outright speed. But, it is going to reduce the overall stability of the bike up at the ragged edge.