Yalla! Ochain

The Yalla! is compatible with the Ochain active spider. Much like chain guides, it will take longer and require extra patience to find the correct number of spacers between the chain guide backplate and the frame as well as between the Ochain and the chain ring. The bolts holding the chain guide to the frame are obscured when the Ochain is mounted, so it will mean that the cranks have to come off a few times before you find the right setup. But once you do, it’s done for a long time.

When assembling, pay attention that the chain guide back plate and bolts that mount the chain guide to the frame don’t hit the back of the Ochain.

Generally we’ve found that you will need at least 3mm spacers between the chain ring and the Ochain to then give enough offset to the chainring to need less spacers between the chain guide and the frame. But this will depend on the setup of cranks, chain ring and chain guide that you are running.

All internal adjustment options on the Ochain, from 4 degrees to 12 degrees, will work with the Yalla!.