Our frames are produced by one of the world’s best frame manufacturers, Genio Bikes in Taiwan. The frames are tested to ISO and additional in-house standards. We guarantee a high quality and provide a warranty service for five years for the first and second owners. The warranty policy covers manufacturing and material failure. Further conditions are:

  • The warranty service applies to the first and second owners with the original purchasing date being the start of the warranty period. We recommend creating a sales contract when selling your RAAW to prove second ownership and supplying the original invoice to the second owner.
  • The original invoice is mandatory for warranty services, also for the second owner.
  • Costs for third party components that require replacement are not covered by RAAW.
  • RAAW does not cover costs from third parties in the warranty process, such as assembly by a bike shop.
  • RAAW reserves the right to offer equivalent products as replacements, such as newer models or differing colors.
  • The defective components become property of RAAW after replacement.
  • A warranty exchange does not extend the warranty period.
  • Compensation in any form during the warranty process isn’t provided by RAAW.
  • Shipping costs are covered by RAAW, with the exception of express shipping.

What is excluded from, or voids the warranty:

  • Exceeding the maximum permitted weight and improper use voids warranty.
  • Deformation of the frame surface is excluded from warranty, but might be applicable for our crash replacement program.
  • Usage of components that aren’t approved void the warranty.
  • Paint is excluded from the warranty.
  • Damage caused by a crash, a lack of maintenance, wear and corrosion are excluded from warranty.
  • Structural modifications, grinding and changes to the surface such as painting void warranty.
  • The warranty period for bearings and seals is one year.
  • Damage to derailleur hangers is excluded from the warranty.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us: hello@raawmtb.com