Jibb vs. Madonna

While at first glance the Jibb and Madonna may look very similar, and they do share the same RAAW DNA, the differences couldn't be bigger. So, what are the differences between the Jibb and the Madonna?

The Madonna is the bike that started RAAW. It's a bike designed for the roughest tracks in the world and built for speed. The Jibb is the second chapter and brings that Madonna flavour to an all-around more playful package that entices you to be an active part of the ride.

The Jibb and Madonna are both made from aluminium and put a high focus on durability. The majority of the hardware is also shared between the two bikes but the design and the geometry is specific to each model.

What are the geometry differences?

The slightly steeper head tube angle and shorter reach on the Jibb make it 3cm shorter in wheelbase and go towards its more playful and inviting nature.

The other big difference in geometry is the BB height. On paper the Jibb and Madonna have the same BB drop, at 35mm below the axle line. But the Jibb has less travel, which means that dynamically when you're on the trail it rides higher.

What's the difference in travel?

The Madonna uses a 205mm length shock to provide its 160mm travel. The Jibb uses a 185mm shock to get its 135mm travel. On the trail that translates to the Madonna feeling very planted. It's stable, fast in rough terrain and it inspires confidence. Whereas the Jibb is much more playful, inviting and makes more out of less demanding terrain.

What's the weight difference?

With the differences in geometry and travel, the Jibb weighs around 200g less.

I already know what size Madonna I am. Which size Jibb do I need?

The seated position between the two bikes is very similar, which means that if you come from a size Large Madonna and you hop on a size Large Jibb, you'll feel right at home.

Which bike is best for me?

Short answer, both! Seriously though, this mainly depends on your riding style and what you expect from the bike. Both bikes can give you a good time on all sorts of trails, no matter what your riding level is.

But coming back to how we described each bike, the Madonna is on the hunt for charging down the most demanding terrain while still being a comfortable package for climbing up to the next descent. So if your trail desires line up with that, then the Madonna is right up your street.

Whereas the Jibb wants to chase its tail all over the woods and mountains. There's a reason the logo is a Jack Russell! If that's your spirit animal and how you like to ride a bike, then take a look at the Jibb.