Yalla! Adjustability

Tinkering with bikes is fun. We enjoy it a lot at RAAW. But more than that, having a bike that is adaptable to different riders, tracks and conditions turns a bike into a useful tool. Our Yalla! takes this idea and runs with it, our toolbox concept, that gives it adjustability at the front, middle and rear of the bike to fine tune the fit and feel of your Yalla!.

That said, if you’re not into tinkering, then no worries at all. The middle settings of each adjustment option, which the frame comes delivered in, are something that we thought long and hard about. You can leave it there and never worry about it, instead just focussing on the riding. And the simplicity and solidness of the adjustment parts mean that they will just go about their job silently.

But, we have endeavoured to make sure that the Yalla!’s adjustability is simple to use, so that anyone can do it. After all, if an adjustment is easy to change then it encourages more people to use it and play around. We encourage you to experiment with the adjustments and learn what works best for you in your terrain. None of the extremes of the adjustments will make the bike unrideable, and if you learn along the way how different adjustments change the bike feel then you’ll be better equipped in the future to turn a bike into your bike. 

Click on each area to learn more about the individual adjustment options.

But to provide some initial starting points, based on the some factors from the terrain you ride in, here are some recommendations for where to run the different adjustments.