Why only one rocker for the Jibb?

On the Madonna there are two different rocker links available - Rocker 60 and Rocker 65.

While both give 160mm travel, they are intended to help adjust the suspension for riders up to 90kg, with the Rocker 60, and riders over 90kg, with the Rocker 65.

For the Jibb however, the rear travel and shock size is different to that of the Madonna and when designing it we chose to put the leverage ratio in a window that would work really well for riders of all shapes and sizes. 

Often the travel of a bike is a driving dimension that the rest of the bike must fit around. For the Jibb we changed the focus to that of a specific leverage ratio and available shock stroke.

Knowing the leverage ratio curve we wanted to achieve, to have something suitable for a wide variety of riders, and the shock stroke available, the rear travel amount of 135mm became an end result.

A focus more on quality of travel and not quantity, put simply.